Couvillion Recover Sunken Tug

Couvillion Recovers Sunken Tug from Mississippi River

ab wieviel jahren bekommt man viagra In July, after a 48-foot tugboat sank near Venice, La., the U.S. Coast Guard called for the complete closure of a 10-mile stretch of the Mississippi River.

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ist in der schweiz viagra rezeptfrei It also called Couvillion. was kostet cialis in tschechien wo gibt es cialis ohne rezept In under 72 hours, our team built and executed a detailed plan to raise, dewater, and remove the tug. Through high water levels and a powerful current, we completed the job in record time — relieving the bottleneck for dozens of cargo and other vessels heading up and down the river, and sparing the Port of New Orleans from potentially catastrophic financial losses. Watch the action.

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